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React Native Debugger Download For Mac PORTABLE

The debugger will receive a list of all project roots, separated by a space. For example, if you set REACT_DEBUGGER="node /path/to/launchDebugger.js --port 2345 --type ReactNative", then the command node /path/to/launchDebugger.js --port 2345 --type ReactNative /path/to/reactNative/app will be used to start your debugger.

React Native Debugger Download For Mac


I'm not sure why no one has pointed out this solution so far. Use React Native Debugger - -native-debugger! It is the best debugging tool for React Native in my opinion and it gives Network Inspection out of the box.

If you are looking to debug network requests on a release version of your app you can use the library react-native-network-logger. It lets you monitor and view network requests within the app from a custom debug screen.