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CPU-Z APK: How to optimize your Android device's performance with this handy app

CPU-Z on Android is a great way to check all kinds of information related to the hardware on your smartphone and tablet. You can look up information about the processor, RAM, storage, sensor status, and other technical data related to your device.

apk z cpu


CPU-Z breaks all its data into sections. In SOC, you can learn about your device's CPU and GPU. With Device, you can check the model, resolution, RAM, and available space. In System, you can look up the version of Android you're using. In Battery, you can check the status, capacity, and voltage. Finally, in Sensors, you can learn about the accelerometer and light sensor.

The information on CPU-Z is totally reliable, as long as the device is legitimate. Some counterfeit devices might have modified technical data, in which case the model or other specs might be incorrect.