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How To Buy Diapers Without Your Parents Knowing

These days everything big hits Instagram or Facebook, but you can let your parents in on the news early by sending them a special preview of your pregnancy announcement photos. Add to the cute factor with pink and blue balloons, a shirt that announces the pregnancy, or any other cute reveal ideas you might have.

how to buy diapers without your parents knowing

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Buy a bag of fortune cookies at your local Asian market, then take a pair of tweezers and replace a couple of the fortunes with a printout that announces your pregnancy with a Chinese fortune-sounding twist. Put the cookies in a small box as a gift, or take them with you to a Chinese restaurant and have the server present them to your parents.

With a variety package of Diaper Samples, you can find the perfect diaper for your unique baby by trying and comparing diapers side-by-side. You can choose from eco-friendly, store brand and name brand diapers. With more than 20 brands available, you're sure to find the perfect diaper for your baby!

At my baby shower I received mostly luvs which just don't work for my daughter. I was able to sample a bunch of brands without having to waste diapers that she couldn't use! I recommend the company to all my new mommy friends.

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