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Bartop Arcade Cabinet Plans Pdf

Remember those childhood days of grabbing pizza and hitting the Arcade center? Gaming consoles blasting out all kinds of noises while you drop in every last quarter you bought along! Miss the thrill of playing Contra, Tetris, and Super Mario on arcade cabinets?

Bartop Arcade Cabinet Plans Pdf


How about an arcade cabinet that can be used as furniture? Moreover like a mini-table. The specifics and information on building this arcade machine are given by a product designer who is a videogame hobbyist. His passion for the arcade MAME bug has motivated him to make it easy for everyone to get one.

If you got scrap wood (especially a kitchen cabinet), you could build this arcade cabinet in as little as $404. Most of your focus and maybe some expertise is required when installing the control panel. Either access the separate control panel construction guide or consider purchasing the suggested Raspberry Pi model.

This arcade cabinet could be placed in any room of your house and be easily transported too. Got an unused PC and monitor lying in your basement? Consider taking it apart and using the parts. If this DIY professional could build it in under $40, you can definitely get close!