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the newspapers on display were all foreign, with the exception of the sun, a left-wing paper, which carried an item about the bombing of the italian embassy in paris by the baader-meinhof gang on 14th july. other papers carried reports of drought, famine and the latest demands from the provisional ira. one, the mirror, had been censored. there was no official statement on the issue, no editorials, and little discussion on the pages of other papers. a note on the backs of all the papers indicated that the ministry of information had ordered the papers to be printed in a "restricted zone", a kind of censor-proof zone, which in the case of the mirror meant that there would be no reports of ira activity and absolutely no reporting on ira demands. there was some mention of the provisional ira's armed campaign in ulster, but nothing in the majority of the papers. and there was no mention of the cold wave.

Why Men Marry Bitches Pdf Torrent

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a new man had taken charge of the mirror. he was a new man in every sense of the word. he was young, with a hatchet-face and a reckless, boyish sense of humor. as the editor of the mirror, he treated his staff with an assumption of authority, but at the same time, when he lost his temper, he would always apologize and with a touch of respect. he was one of the first to notice the huge discrepancy between the peace and the enigma concerning the mirror. in belfast, the provisional ira's hunger-striking prisoners were being force-fed through tubes, while at the mirror, they were being force-fed by the enemy, unaware that it was they who were leading the nation's destiny. in the weeks that followed, the mirror came out as a voice of reason. the paper became a voice of resistance and disarmament and became the only newspaper to comment on the provisional ira's demands, particularly the appeal for a bomb amnesty. it was a voice of reason and began to get a lot of attention. the editor of the mirror was aware that he was being noticed and in the war of propaganda against the mirror, which he had predicted would be a drawn battle, the tide was beginning to turn. at first, it was his friend, "maurice", who would call him up for a chat and tell him how the mirror had affected the editorial line of the sun, and then the sun would call him up, looking for a reaction. he was beginning to realize that the power of a newspaper is not measured by the circulation it has, but by the people it affects. and people listened to the mirror. as the winter approached, and the cold wave set in, the mirror was receiving around 200 enquiries a day. the people started talking to him about everything from politics to furniture, and even sport. he was getting attention from the inner circles of power as well.


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