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Subway Surfers for Chromebook: A Fun and Easy Way to Play the Game

Hello, today I am going to be talking about why chromebook fucking sucks. One, it only seems to run google on it. What if I wanted to use another search site??? and plus how am i supposed to search certain files without a fucking home button. I am personally a windows user so that's why I complain about the home button, because usually I have the windows button to use when I want to search an app/software. Two, the files are way too fucking complicated. How am I supposed to make folders on this shitty computer? and the files look so godamn tacky. They look like the chrome settings which I do not enjoy. Three, this is a fucking computer not a phone. Why in the hell is there google playstore? To be completely honest i never though there was ever going to be an android computer. What if I download subway surfers, I wont be able to play it because this shitty laptop doesn't have a fucking touchscreen. Like why the fuck is a playstore going to be on this damn computer when you can't play any of the games on here. Now I know, the chromebook isn't for games and hacking programs and shit it's for people who have boring nine to five jobs and need a slow ass computer to fucking do their work on in their little tacky ass folders. But most people buy them thinking that they get to play csgo or some shit. The fucking mouse setting are so goddamn slow I fucking swear. Like I'm expecting a swift fucking cursor but no I get fucking slow ass bitch ass cursor. Tortoise ass cursor. No one likes a slow fucking cursor. You can change the settings but they only have super slow and super fucking fast to the point where you can't keep up with that shit. Plus they don't even have a caps lock button which is shitty. Fucking slow shitty chromebook. This is why I own a fucking hp ENVY much better than this sack of absolute shit.

download subway surfers for chromebook


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