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We created a curriculum addressing physician resiliency and well-being, designed for an Internal Medicine Residency Program. This curriculum utilized episodes from a medical television series, Scrubs, to facilitate a monthly, 1-h faculty guided discussion group. We collected informal feedback and abbreviated Maslach Burnout Inventories (aMBI) monthly and conducted a formal focus group after 6 months to gauge its effectiveness.

group discussion topics pdf download

Given the documented learner satisfaction with the use of popular media, we elected to create a longitudinal monthly curriculum combining the viewing of selected media with group discussions related to topics on PBO. The primary goal of our investigation was to determine the feasibility of a regular facilitated discussion session utilizing themes and events in a fictional comedic medical television program in our internal medicine training program. Our secondary goal was (if the intervention demonstrated feasibility) to elicit and record the qualitative response to the intervention in our trainees. Thirdly we sought to measure the quantitative impact of the intervention on the self-report of burnout using a standardized reporting instrument.,

Scrubs is a popular medical drama anecdotally felt to most accurately depict the stress and emotions common within a Medicine residency. As such, we pre-selected certain episodes to address topics associated with PBO such as physician cynicism, dealing with death, and work-life balance. The episodes last on average 23 min, allowing for 37 min for discussion during and after the episode. An episode guide (Fig. 1 and Additional file 1) was developed for each monthly session that describes the session goals, provides an episode introduction, and designates pre-set stopping points with open-ended questions to help the faculty facilitate conversation. However, the residents were encouraged to stop the episode themselves if they had something to discuss and the facilitators had complete flexibility in how they conducted the session based on the flow of conversation. The guides covered a multitude of issues within the episode, and when feasible, they were organized in two parallel formats: the complete 23-min episode, or a focused sub-plot guide. The sub plot guide has start and stop times for select DVD scenes to allow focus on a particular topic or conversely compress the presentation and allow more discussion t