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The photograph, says Paz, refuted the reality of his childhood world. He felt dislodged from the present, expelled from his garden. The awayness of things had been made real to him, attacking his naïve existence. The experience was repeated again and again, as some item of news demonstrated the reality of this other, more public world. In his daily life there was now a horizon that was beyond his garden, which forced upon him the uncomfortable feeling that he did not inhabit the real present, that he did not live in the real world.



The book itself is an edition of twelve one-offs. Each of the books comes with a unique compilation of twelve photographs depicting a scene of awayness. The text passages are taken from various dictionaries. All books are hand sewn as coptic bindings. The cover is printed on grey Gmund Bee paper. The pages are fitted with glassine sheets to protect the photographs. The book was presented to the public at the Fine Press Book Fair in Oxford in autumn 2015.

A TALISMAN IN THE FORM of a postcard I stuck onto a sheet of paper in 1984 in New York placed by my IBM Selectric and soon covered with appointments, telephone numbers, and a reminder to deposit money. And here it still is, the paper curled, the names passed away, the money spent, but Kandinsky's image fresher than ever, mindful of works accomplished and a history we now share. Not an object of art-historical study but a revelation when unthought things were piling up awaiting their turn at the writer's table, waiting because the words were going one way but the music another. Over and over I would play the tapes I had collected during my visits to the Putumayo region of the Colombian Amazon. In my tiny room with an inch of view of the Hudson River I sat numbed by the far-awayness brought close by the chanting such that the very heavens were shaking inside me as I reached for the fire of that beauty halted, the stories pitched forth. Then the world would open again with a sound like a gun crack from the back of the shaman's throat, his fan alive, rustling and sighing between a drumbeat and the wind. The words were going one way, the music another, and I was stuck knowing I had to go one better than I had as the manuscript piled up of what would one day be published as Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man: A Study in Terror and Healing.

Due to the far awayness and the timeline of travel, we have left behind the Rat PA system in the US and I will be working on regionally hired sound systems in Australia and Japan. The stuff we carry with us we have paradoxically named the "global gear" which consists sound wise of the band's backline gear, the monitor system, my front of house console and outboard gear, the Pro Tools recording rig and two large tigers. As far as the main PA system is concerned, we do our best to mirror image it as best we can. The success rate of getting identical gear varies from country to country but for the most part, we can get pretty close with the main difference usually being that we can only get the Rat Subs from the Rat Shop. I will miss them dearly but the V-Dosc SB 218 subs can get pretty close with some audio massaging. So here is the sub cannon setup built with SB 218 triple stacked rather than the double stacked Rat Subs.

Many savvy social media users pieced two and two together after Whole Foods followed musicians like Béyonce and hip-hop artist Cardi B, connecting the dots thanks to a new bee emoji in the grocer's Instagram bio. The fundraising effort is in conjunction with National Pollinator's Month all throughout June, an event sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation to raise awayness about the importance of bees, especially for home cooks and diners around the world.

Many people describe depression as a form of darkness or overwhelming sadness. I think of it as a time of "awayness" - feeling away from everything and everyone. Then I remember the song from that campfire, floating out of the darkness like one of the sparks, floating up to meet the sky. Such a sweet sound, as if angels were singing to restore my faith in my ability to feel loved by God.

We study universal holomorphic functions on a Stein manifold M with projective compactification. Let ϕn be a sequence of holomorphic automorphisms of M. We prove that if ϕn-1 is A run-away, then the set of all universal functions with respect to ϕn in A(K) for all compact subsets K with a certain property is the intersection of countable number of open dense subsets in the space of all holomorphic functions on M. We also note that there is a close connection between the direction of run-awayness and a family of compact sets for which there exists a universal function.

We achieved so much in 2020 despite Covid-19 and resulting lock-downs, quarantines, sickness & hardships, home schooling and the in-evitable work from home (WFH), the "awayness" from the office & our colleagues. Maybe we also discovered that working off the office is not that bad either and learnings to take with us when "normality" returns in whatever form and shape it may be.

When I log in, I will often set myself as "away" - because I usually am doing any number of other things while logged in. Sometimes people have pinged me with a CU or OS request, and then been annoyed when I didn't respond immediately, despite my "awayness". I fear that demands for my attention (and frustration when I don't respond right away) will only increase if my username is stuck at the top of the channel; as it is, I probably respond to more requests than anyone else. Risker 02:24, 31 July 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply] 041b061a72


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