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Buy Vegan Cheese Online

Our fantastic range of vegan dairy products includes milk, yogurt, creamer, and even sour cream! We have the BEST vegan cheese in so many different varieties. Parmesan for pasta, mozzarella for pizzas, and feta for a crisp Greek salad. And guess what? Our vegan dairy products are minimally processed and packed full of plant-based nutrients! ?

buy vegan cheese online

The only thing worse than stolen congealed milk is moldy stolen congealed milk. Instead, make the center of your vegan charcuterie board a delicious vegan blue cheese, like the cultured artisan one by The Frauxmagerie.

Goats wag their tails and form strong bonds with one another, just like the dogs we call our best friends. But just like cows, goats are abused and killed for their milk. Leave goat cheese on the shelf and order some creamy vegan cheese by Spero Foods instead.