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Buy Used Reefer Container

We offer a large range of accessories, such as lights, access doors, ramps and much more, for used reefer containers to facilitate the use of them. Regarding the access doors, please note that the container is delivered without door installation. The door cannot be kept attached due to ocean transportation and the door needs to be lifted into its place after the arrival. We can get this done for you for an additional cost of $150 + VAT. Available door sizes

buy used reefer container

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We provide a 3-month warranty for spare parts of used refrigerated containers. In the event that the container does not work the first time it is used or does not match the order, contact the seller immediately. We will repair the container as soon as possible. The containers have a warranty for the spare parts for the first 3 (three) months. If, during the warranty period, the container becomes defective or any part is defective, we will deliver the spare parts free of charge. The warranty does not cover repair work, travel expenses or replacement of parts, but only the delivery of spare parts. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase not from the time of delivery.

Delivery time for containers is approx. 1 to 3 weeks depending on the port and the selected container. The installation of accessories increases the delivery time by approx. 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the installations

A reefer container falls under the special container category. If you look at a reefer, it looks nothing less than a large refrigerator. This box is a great choice for shipping temperature-sensitive cargo such as meat, medicines, seafood, dairy products, etc. You can read more about reefer containers in detail in our separate blog.

One of the most commonly used reefer containers is the 40ft box. It provides you with larger storage space for your cargo so you can ship a bit more than what you can in a 20ft reefer. The internal length of a 40ft reefer is 37.9 ft (11.56m), the width comes at 7.5 ft (2.28 m), and the internal height is 7.4 ft (2.25m).

If you need extra space for your cargo, we recommend you to go for a 40ft HC reefer. The extra 1-foot height gives you more storage capacity. The internal length of a 40ft HC is 38ft (11.58m), standing at an internal height of 7.9ft (2.40m), and a width of 7.5ft (2.29m).

We have 1000+ vetted members in 2500+ locations worldwide. Our platform is home to many container suppliers such as Maersk, Seaco Global, and COSCO Shipping and now you can work with them too. Become a member of xChange today and reap the benefits of our neutral marketplace.

Container xChange provides you a safe space to buy, sell and lease containers. With more than 10k transactions happening every month on our trading platform, you can find reefer containers on sale easily.

Refrigerated shipping containers are a little smaller than reefer trailers, which usually come in 48' and 53' lengths (as well as some other smaller sizes), however reefer containers have a lot to offer. Whether you buy or rent, refrigerate shipping containers offer a low maintenance cold storage solution. As long as you've got the appropriate electrical hookups, it's almost as easy as plug and play.

Reefer containers also offer ground level entry (something you won't get with a refrigerated semi-trailer). And if you need dock-height storage, we can help you find a chassis trailer to rent or buy. You'll also notice a noise difference, because refrigerated shipping containers have electric reefer units. Reefer trailers run on diesel fuel, which means you're always one overlooked refueling from your cold storage no longer being cold.

A sticker or plate to identify such things as High Cube containers, etc. All 40' Reefer Containers are High Cubes, and will also have yellow decals at the top of the frame on each end, to make the extended height more noticeable. High Cube containers have an outside height of 9'6" (one foot taller than standard 20' reefer containers, which are 8'6" tall).

Locking rods are bolted to the exterior of the shipping container cargo doors and frame, that seal the door tightly when twisted closed and clasped. A broken or bent locking rod can mean that a door won't seal properly. For a reefer container to stay cool, it's important that the container doors seal properly so that cold air doesn't escape.

Each shipping container has a unique identification number. The first three letters represent the container owner (registered with the Bureau International des Containers "BIC"), and those are followed by a "U" for dry containers, and then six more numerical digits for the unit number. The 7th number is a "check digit" used by calculating the value of each letter and number in the ID. Check your check digit with BIC.

The Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) Plate includes information on the date and location of manufacture, as well as other specifications. Learn more about the Convention for Safe Containers on the International Maritime Organization's website. And make sure to purchases CSC survey if you need to use your shipping container for export.

To ensure safe handling, and stacking on ships, containers should not be loaded heavier than the weight specifications listed on the door and CSC plate. Please note, however, that local shipping weight regulations may be much lower than the maximum payload of the container. For instance, many shipping containers can handle over 65,000 lbs of cargo, but loading them that heavy would exceed FMCSA regulations.

Each of the shipping container cargo doors is fully surrounded by a rubber gasket. The gasket allows the steel doors to be shut tightly to prevent both weather getting into the the container. It also helps keep cargo from spilling out if the freight shifts or pallets fail during transport. Good gaskets are essential to a refrigerated cargo container being wind/water tight, as well to ensuring that cold air doesn't escape the reefer unit.

Reefer containers are more complicated than standard shipping containers. Make sure you've got the proper electrical setup, understand how to set the temperature controls, and are ready for your reefer container. For more information (including manufacturer manuals), check out the More Info section of this website.

Please make sure you have at least 60' of available space to delivery a 20' reefer container (40' for the fully extended truck, and 20' for the refrigerated container itself, plus space to maneuver). Please also ensure there is space for air to circulate around the reefer unit (at the end opposite the container doors).

Please make sure you have at least 100' of available space to delivery a 40' high cube reefer container (60' for the fully extended truck, and 40' for the refrigerated container itself, plus space to maneuver). Please also ensure there is space for air to circulate around the reefer unit (at the end opposite the container doors).

Reefer containers have a refrigeration unit on the bulkhead end of the container. While it's not a blast freezer, most reefer units are capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -20F. Refrigerated shipping containers are also insulated, and usually painted a light color (like white or grey).

Refrigerated shipping containers, have the same basic outside dimensions as standard shipping containers. However, because all refrigerated containers are insulated, reefer containers have smooth sides. Reefers also have aluminum floors (unlike standard containers, with wood floors).

We offer food-grade refrigerated storage container rentals in 20' and 40' lengths. Perfect for temporary storage of perishable goods at a Farmers Market, or anywhere else cold storage rentals are needed.

Need somewhere cold to keep the beer before the show? Reefer Container Pros offers temporary cold storage for festivals, events, and more. Our reefer container rentals are a clean and reliable option for event cold storage rentals.

We understand that flowers can be highly sensitive to temperature fluctuation. Our refrigerated storage containers offer climate controlled storage for florists and flower shops. We can also offer on-site rentals for special events and weddings.

Reefer Container Pros offers refrigerated storage containers for pharmaceutical companies that need climate controlled storage. Our reefer containers can keep all of your medical supplies at a constant temperature.

We understand that there are seasonal changes for food shelves and soup kitchens, so we offer refrigerated storage container rentals to help with excess donations, renovations of existing spaces, and more.

Flexible cold storage for any size supermarket. Whether you're remodeling your grocery store, or just need the extra space, we've got food-grade refrigerated containers that offer temperatures as low as -20F.

We're here to help industrial chemical facilities with a cold storage or climate controlled storage need. Our refrigerated storage containers can keep your equipment cool, or just ensure that a steady temperature is maintained.

Reefer Container Pros has the professionals you need to ensure your petrochemical facility has climate controlled storage options. Cold storage container rentals that can meet the high requirements of the oil and gas industry.

You can immediately purchase any shipping container(s) in your location from us. We are not only a direct seller but also known to be the most reliable container inspector and logistics specialist. We offer full support in domestic and international container transportation as well.

We can guarantee you that our used containers are thoroughly inspected based on CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) guidelines and classified into each grade then, given the go-ahead by the Container Inspector Licensee, which we are part of.

Our sales are on an "AS IS" basis. This means that once you have made your purchase, no returns are accepted unless the container(s) does not meet the grade criteria. We abide by this rule due to the fact that used containers have different specialties. For instance, they require too much handling, and the delivery costs are extremely high. There will be no practical benefits for you after the deduction of relevant costs if we accept return. Instead, we can help you in reselling the units in order to recover your costs. 041b061a72


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