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FIRST DAUGHTER centers on Samantha (Katie Holmes), the daughter of the President (Michael Keaton) who is just starting college as her father is running for re-election. She is looking forward to the freedom of being "just like everyone else" for the first time. But Sam's not like everyone else. The Secret Service detail and publicity are embarrassing and annoying. But it is finding out exactly who she is and what she wants that presents a greater challenge. Sam has to endure jealousy and teasing from her new classmates. She has to deal with seeing her embarrassing moments spread all over the media. Sam gets some support from her free-spirited roommate, Mia (Amerie) and her understanding dorm Resident Advisor, James (Marc Blucas) and to thank them she whisks them off on Air Force One for a road trip right out of Cinderella, a visit to the White House for an elegant state dinner. But Sam, Mia, and James all have lessons to learn and apologies to make before an ending that even Cinderella would consider happy.

First Daughter image

First Daughter is a 2004 American romantic comedy-drama film released by 20th Century Fox. It stars Katie Holmes as Samantha MacKenzie, daughter of the President of the United States, who enrolls at college and develops a relationship with another student (Marc Blucas). The film follows Samantha as she experiences a new sense of freedom during her time away from the White House, and the advantages and disadvantages of her college life. It co-stars Michael Keaton as the President of the United States and Amerie as Samantha's roommate, Mia Thompson.

At school, Sam ends up sharing a dorm room with boy-crazed Mia Thompson, who is hesitant at first to room with the first daughter, but eventually warms to her. After her Secret Service agents tackle a student brandishing a water gun at a pool party and hastily evacuate her from the premises, she insists that her detail be reduced to just two agents, which her father begrudgingly agrees to. Settling into some semblance of normalcy, she meets and becomes interested in fellow student James Lansome, her resident advisor.