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Cheapest Camper To Buy

Unlike the regular cargo vans, Chevy Astro affordable campervans have valuable extra headroom, a bench seat that converts to a bed, and often come with built in storage cabinets. You might even find one with a TV!

cheapest camper to buy

The Rialta has a timeless, aerodynamic design and has earned a devoted following. People love its size, reliable Volkswagen V6 engine, and fuel economy. This cheap campervan will easily get 18-22 mpg out on the highway.

These awesome little Dodge conversions are starting to show up quite often on the used market. Companies that used them as campervan rentals are refreshing their fleets, so you can pick up a used van for as little as $10K.

Staying clean on the road is important. There are lots of options for adding a shower to your budget camper van, including a solar shower, a battery operated shower, and even a DIY shower made from a weed sprayer!

As one of the cheapest Class B RV models, you can afford to travel the country in style. The Tofino lets you choose from one of three eye-catching colors, and its slim profile allows you to explore uninhibited.

If you want to make your camper van even more versatile, you can add solar panels or a solar generator to charge your various appliances. You can also add a rolling screen