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Subtitle The Wicker Man

The DVD release of The Wicker Man includes the version of the movie shown theatrically and an unrated version featuring an alternate ending. In addition, the disc offers commentaries by Neil LaBute (writer/director), Leelee Sobieski and Kate Beahan (cast members), Joel Plotch (editor) and Lynette Meyer (costume designer), as well as theatrical trailers. Audio tracks are available in English (Dolby Digital Surround Sound 5.1), with subtitles in English, French and Spanish.

subtitle The Wicker Man

Disclaimer: Msone is a non-profit initiative. Msone do not support or propogate piracy. It is only a platform for providing Malayalam subtitles to other language films. The site do not share files of movies in any form. If you have any objection about any of the posters uploaded on this site you can reach us on this email: [email protected]

Intimate Strangers (R for sexual dialogue). Relationship drama, directed by Patrice Leconte, about a woman (Sandrine Bonnaire) who mistakes a tax attorney (Fabrice Luchini) for her new pschiatrist (Michael Duchaussoy) and proceeds to share her deep, dark secrets with the accommodating stranger. In French with subtitles.

Maria, Full of Grace (R for drug use, graphic images, and profanity). Harrowing tale about a pregnant, 17 year-old, Colombian peasant who agrees to smuggle heroin into the U.S. for a vicious kingpin in return for a big payday. In Spanish with subtitles. 041b061a72


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