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Descargar Traktor Pro 2 Full Portable

organize your tracks in traktors library with a click of a button. the d2 is a pocket-sized controller that lets you browse, add, and load tracks into traktor. it includes a 3.5-inch jog wheel and trackpad that are designed for quick and intuitive navigation.

Descargar Traktor Pro 2 Full Portable

go easy on your knees with the t4 handicap controller. this is a good-looking unit that includes a 3.5-inch touchstrip for navigating in the fx section of traktor. the pad modes make it easy to trigger loops and fxs, and the touchstrip lets you load your own patterns into traktor.

with 3 different control layouts and pad modes, it's easy to control traktor without pushing buttons on a conventional controller. a touchstrip and jog wheel add intuitive features to traktor. the sm3 is a pocket-sized controller that lets you load your own cues and loops directly into traktor. make the most out of your session with sm3's fast cue and touchstrip controls.

ultra portable and ultra fun, the um3 is a favorite among mobile djs. this controller uses the familiar 2-button layout for navigating traktor. a jog wheel allows for quick and easy navigation. sm3?s easy cue and touchstrip controls let you make fine-tuned adjustments to your cueing and touchstrip controls.

easily navigate and mix your tracks with the t4 handicap controller. this controller uses a 3.5-inch touchstrip for quick and intuitive navigation in traktor. it also includes pad modes that allow you to trigger loops and fxs easily.

the s1 pro 2 will come with a set of traktor pro 2 dj2go2 cinematics (which includes all cinematics, customisable and customisable colors, and the octo mode), traktor scratch (the most popular djing software in the world), a core 2uxl, a crossfader, 2 channels and a microphone for cueing.


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