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Konkani Movies Torrent

A team of Ukrainian cyber-activists has thought of a simple yet potentially effective way to spread uncensored information in Russia: bundling torrents with text and video files pretending to include installation instructions.

Konkani Movies Torrent

The initiative creates torrents that contain a text file with a list of credible news sources that Russians can trust and instructions on downloading and installing a VPN to secure anonymity from ISPs.

This also applies to entertainment, as even Russian cinemas are now showing pirated Hollywood movies without fearing legal prosecution, and people download TV series episodes from P2P networks in response to the exit of streaming services from the country.

The torrents are uploaded to popular torrent tracking platforms that pirates use for searching, and thanks to volunteers who seed them aggressively, they rise in popularity and rank high in tracker results.

Online piracy or internet piracy is the practice of downloading and distributing copyrighted content digitally without permission. There are many tools available for online piracy certainly the torrent is the largest among them, be it a movie, software or an e-book you can easily find these through online piracy nowadays development of technology like the virtual private network(VPN) has eased the things.

For a time it seemed like the movie and music industry had found a pretty decent way to reduce the piracy, that is online stream service like Netflix or Spotify, Everyone had a low-cost subscription for Netflix for TV and movies and Spotify for music, but recently we have seen a surge in internet piracy, It's not like streaming services are becoming less popular in fact in U.S.A the Netflix has overtaken the number of cable TV users last year, but at the same time traffic on Bit torrent and µtorrent has surged and while there are other uses of torrent but honestly we know that it is used as a platform to share illegal content.