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Download Ghost Detector Pro APK and Find Out If Your Home is Haunted

EMF Advanced, EMF Simple, EVP Recorder, Motion Detector, and Multi Meter are the five primary modes available on the Ultimate Ghost Detector Real. An electromagnetic field detector and analyzer, the EMF Advanced mode includes graphs, noises, and other features. The user interface of the EMF Simple mode is kept to a minimum, and it displays either an LED bar or an analog meter. The EVP Recorder is a sound recorder utilized to capture sound for EVP analysis. Microvibrations on tables, furniture, and other items may be detected with the help of the Motion Detector, which is a motion and vibration detector with graphs and other features. Last but not least, the Multi Meter mode displays all of the data simultaneously, including the data for EMF, motion, and EVP. Additionally, this mode has a function that will automatically record EVP if a sound alarm is activated.

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