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Teeworlds Hook Bot Download HOT!

No hooks? This makes the game play so much slower, therefore not so attractive for me. This is the biggest deciding factor for sure.The sword modification is nice. My guess is that it has bigger range than hammer, is that right?I like the wall climbing + slope mechanics.

Teeworlds Hook Bot Download


Hook is what makes Teeworlds such a great game. But it doesn't fit in well with wall climbing, wall jumps and jetpack. Those features are useless with hook, and I don't want this to be Teeworlds with a couple of extra features.

rand() sent me bot sources and I've already added it to Android version (limited to local server only to prevent misuse by hax0rz), and I've also added a 'bot skill' parameter, which will force bot to aim poorly and fire less often. I've sent my source modifications back, of course. The bot will still hook you up and maul with a hammer, this is annoying and effective in killing you, I'll probably make the bot do that less often based on the skill level.