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Teeworlds Hook Bot Download HOT!

No hooks? This makes the game play so much slower, therefore not so attractive for me. This is the biggest deciding factor for sure.The sword modification is nice. My guess is that it has bigger range than hammer, is that right?I like the wall climbing + slope mechanics.

Teeworlds Hook Bot Download


Hook is what makes Teeworlds such a great game. But it doesn't fit in well with wall climbing, wall jumps and jetpack. Those features are useless with hook, and I don't want this to be Teeworlds with a couple of extra features.

rand() sent me bot sources and I've already added it to Android version (limited to local server only to prevent misuse by hax0rz), and I've also added a 'bot skill' parameter, which will force bot to aim poorly and fire less often. I've sent my source modifications back, of course. The bot will still hook you up and maul with a hammer, this is annoying and effective in killing you, I'll probably make the bot do that less often based on the skill level.

Coding aim bot and auto player hook from scratch is almost as easy as implementing one from someone's code (without help / tutorial). Other features wouldn't give you so obvious advantage over other non-perfect players.

* how train to hook other player? * how train to kill by hammer? * how train to kill by hammer during hooking other player? * how train to run away with flag when you had hooked by 1-3 enemies?

@hammer: You generally use hammer and hook together otherwise you can't reach your enemy. First you can try to hook an enemy and if he's close enough you start hammering, additionally I recommend to rehook your opponent if he's really close to you, which makes it way easier to catch him with hook. So always try to get as close as possible for rehooking.

@flagrunning: well if they already hooked you it's really hard to escape, you can try to hook something distant to get out of them or to jump away with your grenade but the best way is still not to get into such a situation. Therefore you can try to trick your enemies and do something unexpected like taking a longer way or going back to enemies base, on public ctf5 servers for example the enemies base is often more save than yours. In general: Try to be unpredictable !

One last tip: try not to die with ammunition you should rather use it. You can use the grenadethrower not only for directly shooting at enemies but also as a wayblocker, or if enemies are getting closer you can first shoot up and then hook the enemies into your grenade while shooting again.

About running with flag, be fast and unpredictable. If you got hooked, fight back. Don't forget to be aggressive, kill the hooker. You can hook back too, which can surprise the defender. Finally, don't forget the hook lasts only 2 seconds. So, if you have good timing, make a sudden move at the right time to flee. And don't forget to give a rocket to this gentleman.

I've been thinking myself how to train hook, and I have no real idea besides playing again and again. But maybe training like when you play DDR with a "deep" freezed teammate is ok. For hammer, I think it's better to slow down the timing to hit several times in a row.

Currently I have problem with hook levitation - I try to fly near ceiling - but during rapid rehooks some hooks move me to ceiling and I fail. In order to survive I need to make very quick right click, without ever small delay. Are there only practice required or some configuration can help?

About the DDNet-Servers: Novice maps are for beginners, Moderate for intermediate and brutal maps for Pros. On Solo maps you play alone without other tees, it is like the racemod but with all ddnetfeatures. Oldschool maps do not use many features, mostly freeze and as skin they normally use generic_unhookable which makes them look like the first ddracemaps I think.

To improve your hook you need to practice, maybe it can help you to bind your hook to another key, I use s for example, however as already mentioned the best way to improve is training this stuff over and over again.

Currently I have problem with hook levitation - I try to fly near ceiling - but during rapid rehooks some hooks move me to ceiling and I fail. In order to survive I need to make very quick right click, without ever small delay. Are there only practice required or some configuration can help?

I would suggest just playing the game in large amounts. Although truthfully, the main reason I got to be able to play with high level players (note the "able") (instagib players, mainly) was beacause I had a really good friend who was the bees knees at Fly CTF. I followed him around in different maps for hours on end. (Man, that brings back memories. Also, ctf5. If you are looking for practice in speed-hooking, then I suggest ctf2 or ctf3, but I don't even know if the maps I WOULD suggest are even able to be downloaded. I can't find them anywhere. (the servers they used to be on are down, too) In strategy, dm2 is always good for the occasional I CAN MAKE IT TO THE LASER POWERUP BEFORE YOU CAN type thing. I don't know about spinning, or what it does, I just know that I spin my mouse like crazy during most matches. I would suggest that you follow someone who is a friendly person and good at the speed (hard to come by) around in a fast map, and try to beat them to somewhere. I can't really give advice on this sort of thing, except that playing the game a lot is a good thing to do. Anyway, have a nice day and all that good stuff. When hooked by players, shotgun packs a large punch. Unless you have a lot of health (In which you use grenade?), then most likely shotgun.

- how train to hook other player?If you really find it hard to throw one hook to latch on to a player, I remember I learned by spamming hook at any enemy tee just to mess their movement up. When I got used to the aiming (I could hit most tees within range with enough spamming), I started trying to commit to the hooks and swing them around. Practice on everyone you see and be that annoying tee.

* how train to kill by hammer?* how train to kill by hammer during hooking other player?- I think the hammer is useless unless you get really good. Don't bother with it unless you think you are one of the "pros". Just use a shotgun until you can hit with it the majority of the time. You can use the hammer after you get used to using the hook properly and you can kill a tee while hooking them.

* how train to run away with flag when you had hooked by 1-3 enemies?- This is basically train by experience. What you can try is instead of running away, if you ever get hooked and you have no momentum anymore, run in the direction other than where you would find it natural to run away and repeat that while shooting at the enemy until you get away. If you find yourself escaping the first time and then getting caught, you have to change direction more often. In general, unless you are a step above those players, you should be dead.

More on movement: There are two general types of hooks. Long hooks for changing direction and short hooks for gaining speed/ balancing yourself. If you are bumping into stuff, practice using only long hooks to change your direction smoothly while keeping your momentum. After you can move around normally, you can try short hooks. To a certain point, the more short hooks you use, the more control you have over your tee. Try using more extra (spammy) hooks to speed up or balance yourself but make sure they arn't slowing you down.

Regarding future improvements: Would you accept Pull Requests that implement features like unfreeze laser, grenade collision, endless hook, random spawn points etc.? Currently only my servers have those things, which kinda gives them an edge, but when I asked you about some of them on IRC, you rejected those ideas I believe. Just curious whether that's still your standpoint.

I don't remember rejecting those, but I tend to prioritize other things. Pull requests are obviously very welcome!Proper implementations of some of these settings may need some discussions: - unfreeze laser: I see no downside to implement the unfreeze laser since it would be either a pickup or a map setting to provide it.- endless hook: this sounds like it could be achieved through tunings (?) If not, could you expand on what that is and whether it is required on some maps?- random spawn points: sure- grenade collision: that's for a separate game mode, right? But now again, it seems like DDRace traditionally didn't differentiate Race and other gametypes, which doesn't sound very good. Might be too late to remediate to that though, so it may be best to straight up add those as options.

You can already prevent players from going back. I believe those are the blue arrows in the game tiles. They work on redix's server, so if they don't work in DDRace, that would be a bug (or a misplacement).I don't know how hook-through works on a technical level.


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