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Uefa Champions League 2006 07 Crack Fix

There's a very good chance that one or both of this weekend's games will one day crack the following list of the greatest conference championship games in NFL history. Several all-time classics made the list, including a few games that included two of the best quarterbacks in league annals in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Uefa champions league 2006 07 crack

This was a changing-of-the-guard game, as the Cowboys dethroned the 49ers as the league's premier team. The Cowboys held a precarious 24-20 lead after Young and Rice connected on a five-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. Instead of going conservative, the Cowboys went for the win as Harper took a slant pass 70 yards to set up Aikman's game-clinching touchdown pass to Kelvin Martin. The Cowboys offense was buoyed by Smith, who on a muddy track tallied 173 yards and two touchdowns. Dallas went on to rout the Bills, 52-17, to win the franchise's first championship since 1977.


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