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  • Comic Books Afterlife with Archie begins when Jughead's pet dog Hot Dog is accidentally hit by Reggie's car. Jughead has Sabrina the Teenage Witch revive him but Hot Dog comes back as a zombie and bites Jughead. This causes a Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Beasts of Burden: Undead animals show in a number of stories. "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" features a band of zombie dogs.

  • In Blackest Night, Black Lantern Aquaman is shown commanding skeletal fish, while riding a zombified version of his Seahorse Steed, Storm. Solivar, the late king of Gorilla City, also becomes a Black Lantern.

  • In All-New Captain America, the vampire Baron Blood takes out Redwing the falcon, only for Redwing to return as a vampire falcon, still loyal to Sam Wilson.

  • In Creature Tech, the blood of Christ in the Shroud of Turin can heal wounds and raise the dead. When the shroud accidentally comes into contact with some meat in a butcher shop, the various cuts assemble themselves into a sentient Meat Man.

  • The Final Plague is about animals zombifying and attacking humanity.

  • G.I. Zombie: The Virus that gets released in Sutterville, Tennessee, is capable of zombifying animals and humans. This becomes apparent when a dog won't stay down despite having its neck broken.

  • An early issue of The Goon featured a gigantic zombie chimpanzee.

  • In Hack/Slash, slashers often have powers of some kind, usually having something to do with their MO from when they were alive. Bobby Brunswick, who worked at an animal clinic euthanizing animals before he died, has the power to raise dead animals and command them to do his bidding.

  • One of the stories in The Halo Graphic Novel involves a Flood infestation on a Covenant supply ship. They completely wipe out and assimilate the onboard wildlife reservation.