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Purple Heart: A Novel of War and Memory by Patricia McCormick (PDF)

Purple Heart by Patricia McCormick: A Review and Guide to Download the PDF

If you are looking for a gripping and realistic novel that explores the effects of war on young soldiers, you might want to check out Purple Heart by Patricia McCormick. This book tells the story of Matt Duffy, an 18-year-old American soldier who suffers a traumatic brain injury in Iraq and struggles to remember what happened to him and his friend Ali, a 10-year-old Iraqi boy. In this article, we will review the book and show you how to download it in PDF format.

purple heart patricia mccormick pdf download

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What is Purple Heart about?

Purple Heart is a novel that follows Matt Duffy, a private in the US Army who wakes up in a hospital in Baghdad with no memory of the incident that caused his injury. He only knows that he was awarded the Purple Heart, a medal given to soldiers who are wounded or killed in action. As he tries to recover his memory, he is haunted by flashbacks and nightmares of Ali, a young Iraqi boy who befriended him and his squad. He also faces pressure from his commanding officer, Captain Miller, who wants him to confirm that he killed an insurgent who was shooting at them. Matt is not sure