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Chilliwack Greatest Hits Rar

Mills and Aubin toured with other musicians until MacLeod and Bryant left Chilliwack in April 1983 to become fulltime Headpins. The LPs Line of Fire (Solid Gold SGR-1017) and Head Over Heels (MCA 6530) followed, the former selling more than 100,000 copies. The songs 'Celebration' and 'Just One More Time' were also popular and were included on a 'greatest-hits' CD (CBS VCK-80130) in 1988.

Chilliwack Greatest Hits Rar

They inked a deal with independant Solid Gold Records before year's end and went into Vancouver's Little Mountain Studios, coming out with TURN IT LOUD in the spring of 1982. Co-produced by Bill Henderson, Bryant and Macleod's Chilliwack-mate, the record allowed the Headpins to hit the scene with an experienced master behind the controls. Charged with emotions, Macleod's guitars rang predominant, almost a friendly battle with Mills' immediately signature voice. With Bryant and Aubin serving a tight powerful backbeat and beginning with the lead-off title-track, it grabbed you by the balls and refused to let go, finding its place in rock history as one of rock's greatest anthems of all time.

Solid Gold Records meanwhile, was not enjoying nearly the success of The Pins, and closed its doors in early '84. Nearly two years would pass before the Headpins would emerge from the studios again. The result was HEAD OVER HEELS, released on MCA in late fall of '85. The band's typical roaring attitude with new drummer Scott Reid was alive and well, serving up a healthy dose of Macleod's blazing riffs and Mills' unmistakeable voice ringing true on "Still The One" and "Death Of Me". One of the year's sleeper hits also appeared in "You're Only Afraid Of The Dark", along with "Be With You", "Chain Gang" and the powerful "The Danger Zone". Again the band enjoyed sales of nearly 100,000 copies at home alone, making HEAD OVER HEELS their third straight album to at least reach gold.

LINE OF FIRE was re-released in 2002 followed by an all-new greatest hits package in '04, entitled coincidentally enough THE COMPLETE GREATEST HITS a year later, which included the videos for "Don't It Make You Feel" and "Just One More Time".


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