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Cheerleader For Pet Parents Who Are CRAZY For Their Furry Family Members!

I am thrilled to have been in the pet industry for years, and have been incredibly lucky to have met amazing pet parents.  You know the types: they own 4 dog beds that the dogs never sleep in; they have a closet full of the most adorable pet costumes; they don't leave the store without at least one thing for their fur baby; their dogs eat healthier than they do; they live every day with their wonderful furry companion, and can't imagine life without them.  I have been with them on the phone when they got the new dog, and also when they've had to say a final goodbye to their older dog.  The ups and the downs are all part of the wonderful journey of living life with a special sweet fur baby. I celebrate these wonderful relationships between humans and their dogs, and have compiled a ton of research on ways to help dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives with their special humans.  We never want to say goodbye - so helping each dog live a long, healthy life is the ultimate goal!

The Start Of It All

It all started with a simple business idea - to provide the best dog grooming services to our clients in Houston, Texas.  The business was built out of the idea that "everyone has a sweet baby" - that our pet parents treat their dog as a sweet fury family member.  We provide superior services with personal care and commitment.

After years of serving our clients, I was frustrated by my inability to help them with tough questions: "How can I solve my dog's separation anxiety? Why do I have to say goodbye to my sweet dog so soon?  What am I doing wrong? What should I be doing instead? So, I started a years-long search for studies, veterinary suggestions, dog training strategies, naturopaths, etc.  That research led me to find significant "secrets" that can help dogs live longer, healthier lives.  That became the foundation of Lussia Wellness.


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