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Introducing our Serenity Blend Tea for dogs - the natural solution to soothe your canine companion's anxiety.  Carefully crafted with calming herbs and organic ingredients, this tea is designed to create a sense of tranquility for your furry friend.  This tea is especially effective and quick acting in cases of severe anxiety from fireworks, loud noises and separation. 


From chamomile to lavender, each element in this blend is thoughtfully selected to promote relaxation.  Lussia offers only the highest quality, human-grade, whole leaf tea that has been curated by our resident Tea Sommelier, Linda Jacobs. 


Make anxious moments a thing of the past as you treat your dog to the gentle and holistic comfort of our Serenity Blend Tea.  Bring peace to your pup's life, one cup at a time.

Serenity Blend Tea

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  • Brewing instructions are included in the packaging of our Serenity Blend Tea.  These instructions will show you how incredibily quicky and easy it is to use this tea for times of high anxiety, and for everyday.

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